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Apr 19, 2023 | Whit Thiele | 5818 views
Talbot Trail Blazers Rep Hockey
Talbot Trail Blazers Rep Hockey Season and Tryout Registration is OPEN.

Registration for the 23-24 season is open for those wanting to try out for the Talbot Trailblazers Rep Teams. 

Local League parents please note - the registration for the Essex LL and Southpoint LL is not open yet at this time. (This will open later in the Spring)

Please do not register unless you plan on attending the upcoming tryouts.

  • All scheduled pre-skates are included in the tryout fee
  • Payment of U14 Tryout Fee will register player for mandatory Checking Skills Clinic.
  • If player is not rostered to a Rep hockey team, the registration dollars can be transferred to a LL registration at no cost.  Please see terms and conditions regarding refunds during the registration process that address refunds between now and the start of the season.
  • NRP - NRP players attending tryout.  Please email coach your intention to tryout as an NRP, bring NRP passport and $75 to 1st tryout to submit to team officials.

  • U18A Registration and Tryouts are available to register for but will not be held until fall.  The opportunity to register in late summer before tryouts will be available.

  • For Rep hockey registration inquiries please contact Chad Recker  [email protected]  (temporary)


This is the link for registration


Tryout Times

Tuesday May 2nd

U10 6-7 pm Unico (1st preskate)

U11 7-8 pm Unico (1st preskate)

Thursday May 4th

U10 6-7 pm Shaheen (2nd preskate)

U11 7-8 pm Shaheen (2nd preskate)

Saturday May 6th

U10 4-5 pm Unico (3rd preskate)

U11 5-6 pm Unico (3rd preskate)

Monday May 8th

U12 5-6 pm Shaheen (1st tryout)

U13 6-7 pm Shaheen (1st tryout)

U14 7-8:30 pm Shaheen on Ice Checking Clinic, (6-7pm in classroom)

Tuesday May 9th

U10 6-7 pm Unico (1st tryout)

U11 7-8 pm Unico (1st tryout)

Wednesday May 10th

U14 6-7 pm Unico (1st tryout)

U15 7-8 pm Unico (1st tryout)

U16 8-9 pm Unico (1st tryout)

Thursday May 11th

U10 5-6 pm Shaheen (2nd tryout)

U11 6-7 pm Shaheen (2nd tryout) 

U12 7-8 pm Shaheen (2nd tryout) 

U13 8-9 pm Shaheen (2nd tryout)

U16 9-10 pm Shaheen (2 nd tryout)

Friday May 12th

U14 5-6 pm Shaheen (2nd tryout)

U15 6-7 pm Shaheen (2nd tryout)

Saturday May 13th

U1012:00-1:15 pm Unico (Home Tryout Game)

U11 1:15-2:30 pm Unico (Home Tryout Game)

U13 2:30-3:45 pm Unico (Home Tryout Game)

Sunday May 14th

U14 12:00-1:30 pm Shaheen (Home Tryout Game)

U15 1:30-3:00 pm Shaheen (Home Tryout Game)

U16 3:00-4:30 pm Shaheen (Home Tryout Game)

U11C 1:00-2:00 Unico (1 st Tryout)

U13C 2:00-3:00 Unico (1 st Tryout)

Tuesday May 16th

U11C 6-7 pm Unico (2nd Tryout)

U13C 7-8 pm Unico (2nd Tryout)

U15C 8-9 pm Unico (1st Tryout)

Wednesday May 17th

U15C 7:30-8:30 pm Unico (2nd Tryout)

Thursday May 18th

U11C 6-7 pm Shaheen (Home Tryout Game)

U13C 7-8 pm Shaheen (Home Tryout Game)

U15C 8-9 pm Shaheen (Home Tryout Game)