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Southpoint Minor Hockey Registration

Important Dates:

IP Registration - U8 and below
U8 and below IP registration for the 2023-24 season is now open thru to September 1st.

U9 - U22 Registration
U9 - U22 Registration for the 2023-24 season is now open thru to July 31st for both OMHA local league programming and OWHA (girls) Interlock programming.

Registration Links:

(if you aren't sure if you are OMHA or OWHA, see the flowchart below) 

Southpoint Capitals 
To register for OMHA programming click here  
* Note - this link sometimes returns an error - if you get an error, please try it again

Southpoint Stars

To register for OWHA programming click here  

2023-2024 Season Fees:

U6 $450 (OMHA) - 2018-2019
U7 $550 (OMHA) - 2017
U8 $575 (OMHA) - 2016
U9 $645 (OMHA & OWHA) - 2015
U11 $700 (OMHA & OWHA) - 2013-2014
U13 $700 (OMHA & OWHA) - 2011-2012
U15 $745 (OMHA & OWHA) - 2009-2010
U18 $745 (OMHA) - 2006-2008
U22 $745 (OWHA) - 2002-2008

Payment is only available via Credit Card

Terms and Conditions
Please review the Terms and Conditions during the registration process.

Respect in Sport
At least one parent must complete the Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Parents program. The registration process is not complete and your player cannot be placed on an approved roster until the program is finished. Currently the course only needs to be completed 1 time through the entirety of a players minor hockey participation. There is a one time $12 charge.

Please click here to complete Respect in Sport Program for OMHA programming 

Please click here to complete Respect in Sport Program for OWHA programming

If you previously registered with the Talbot Trail Blazers during Tryouts
If your player registered for Talbot Trail Blazers tryouts and player is wanting to play Southpoint local league or Southpoint Girls interlock, please email [email protected] to have the registration moved to either OWHA or OMHA programming.


For inquiries regarding registration please contact

OMHA - [email protected]
OWHA - [email protected]

How OMHA and OWHA work for girls playing hockey:

Girls and Boys play together in the development program under the OMHA. At U9, Girls have the opportunity to switch into a girls only hockey program run under the OWHA (Ontario Women's Hockey Association). At Southpoint, our local OMHA league teams are the Southpoint Capitals, and our local OWHA league teams are the Southpoint Stars